Stop on a Dime With Quality Brakes

Stop on a Dime With Quality Brakes

We provide new brake installations in Jacksonville, FL

Your brakes are one of the most important features in your car, so driving on worn brakes is not worth the risk. Tire City Outlet in Jacksonville, FL provides new brake installation for all types of vehicles, from small sedans to large commercial fleet vehicles. We'll make sure your new brakes are installed properly.

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Do your brakes need work?

Depending on how often you drive, your brakes could wear out in just a few years. But do you know the signs that your brakes are going out?

Bring us your car in for new brakes when...

  • You notice a lot of brake dust on your front rims.
  • Your brakes squeal every time you tap the pedal.
  • You notice a burning smell when you brake.

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